Even though capital plays a vital role in the investment process, today’s founders expect to get more from their investors: they want a partner who can provide them with resources and feedback, and enable their independence when they need it in the tough world of entrepreneurship.

Dina Mostovaya, a global communications consultant who has been working with startups and venture capital funds for more than 15 years, highlights seven things entrepreneurs really appreciate getting from investors.

Dina says that it is essential that founders receive support in the form of mentorship as well as psychological support. Investors can think of themselves as trainers who motivate founders to “stay the course” and achieve their startup goals. In addition, candid feedback, help with attracting clients, and support with business resources are equally important. 

Dina believes that the phrase “seek the relationship, not the money” perfectly describes the founder-investor relationship today. To founders, funding is essential, but building a cooperative, people-first relationship is just as important – if not more so.

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