The question of where the future of PR and other industries should belong – either in-office or in the virtual space – continues to be a hot topic. As a public relations consultant with 15 years of experience, Dina Mostovaya believes the solution lies in a hybrid model. She highlights four key areas of publicists’ work that have been changing under the influence of the new communication landscape.

The expert insists that the development of emotional intelligence becomes more important for PR pros who communicate online every day. Higher EI leads to improved resilience, the ability to diffuse conflict, and a more open approach to forming relationships.

Dina also recommends we pay attention to the more challenging process of nurturing relationships. In the new online reality, despite the lack of face-to-face communication, we have more opportunities to network.

The ability to create an integrated communication system is one more important point, Dina notes. In today’s landscape, to be successful, you have to implement a cross-functional approach and unite PR, marketing, owned media, SEO and other tools.

Finally, blurring borders between countries calls for better cultural intelligence. It is crucial to consider cultural differences in order to build effective communications.

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