DLD stands for Digital Life Design. The event’s main goal is to bring together investors and creative public opinion leaders. However, Dina Mostovaya says that for her, the forum has two key benefits: insights from world-class speakers, and the opportunity to establish strategic contacts. 

Dina feels that attending conferences like DLD helps her to keep track of global events, and helps her better understand how to work with international projects. This is largely thanks to the great speakers. For example, this year the stage was taken by a Nobel Prize laureate from Bangladesh, a global chess champion, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, and a European geneticist and futurist! 

One of the key components of successful conference participation is preparation, Dina believes. She advises setting specific goals, studying the speakers, and deciding ahead of time who you want to meet and talk to for each conference. This careful and responsible approach can help to expand your network as much as possible, and ensure you get the best from the event. 

The full op-ed can be found here.