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My Story

I’ve been socially active, curious, and asked a lot of questions since I was a child; the most common one that came out of my mouth being “Why?” When I was little, I was always highly imaginative and creative, with a natural ability to connect with people around me. As an adult, this imagination turned into my mission, while my natural ability to relate to others became my networking superpower.

It’s this combination of skills and aptitudes that has allowed me to forge forward with a career in global PR, where thinking big and working across cultures are the keys to success.

How I started my career…


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How сan I Help you?

Strategy development enables companies to get an objective, external perspective of their business, with a view to building stable and long-lasting relationships with investors and clients. The systematic approach is designed to save companies time, and help them to use all available opportunities to boost the success of their communications projects.
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When entering foreign markets, it is essential to understand the challenges and legal constraints concerning communications in another country. Professional support can ensure companies are fully equipped for an unfamiliar communications climate.
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Companies can face a media crisis for a variety of reasons; from the wrong positioning, to unfavorable external circumstances beyond their control. Whatever the drivers, creating a new image or transforming an old one is a painstaking and complex task. The crisis communications service includes identification of the company’s pain and failure points, strategy development for the brand’s repositioning in the media space, and full implementation of the project.
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Investment PR
PR helps to increase the credibility of the company, its founders, the uniqueness of the business, and the expertise of the team. It is not only about customers’ trust, but also about investors and partners. Smart PR directly affects funding and if you want to raise investments a year later, build brand communications today.
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Personal brand creation
There is always a person behind every company’s brand. However, if you want to be perceived as a thought leader independent to your company, personal branding is an essential element of your positioning.
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Even the most innovative and promising companies can remain unknown without a properly built relationship with the media and a coherent media strategy. The media relations service comprises the development of a personal strategy, plus the creation of news stories and articles aimed at building an appropriate brand image in the information space.
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Communication with journalists is an art, both for PR specialists and for company representatives. Using professional strategies and techniques can help you to establish a solid working relationship with the media community.
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In order to keep a company’s clients active and engaged, it helps to attract them with useful, expertly prepared content published in social media, traditional media, and personal and company blogs. The content marketing service consists of social media audit and strategy development, and preparation of articles for blogs and traditional media, in order to create an appropriate brand image in the information space.
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Influence-marketing is aimed at creating a positive image, increasing awareness and loyalty of target audiences by working with opinion leaders in social networks. Influence-marketing helps demonstrate authority, expertise and industry leadership by leveraging the audience's trust in the Influencer.
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My Clients and Partners About Me

Karolina Attspodina
Founder and CEO of We Do Solar

Dina is extremely professional and has a great team. They follow their ‘Deliver more than expected’ principle daily. We have been working together for five months and have already achieved exceptional results. Dina and her agency’s team have secured coverage for us in TechCrunch, Sifted and Fast Company as well as on Euronews, Welt and Deutsche Welle. As a result, we sold out within a matter of weeks and even received several commercial proposals. As a communication consultant, Dina does an excellent job, and I look forward to reaching much more with her support.

Chris Dobson
Executive Partner at Aretera Public Affairs

I’ve known Dina for many years and been lucky enough to work with her on a number of successful international communications projects. She is a passionate, dedicated, flexible consultant who always gets results for her clients; I highly recommend her and her work.

Astghik Zakharyan
Co-Founder of Startup Investor Accelerator

Dina conducted a webinar about working with the media for the participants of our accelerator. Having met her, I can say that she is a highly professional PR expert: Dina has a deep understanding of the media – and the startup industry as well. She knows exactly how to build long-term relationships with the journalists and get publications in top international media outlets. Public speaking is her strong suit and her generous sharing of information makes her a great speaker.

Jean Paul Laurent
Lead Organizer of TEDxWaterStreet

I have had the greatest honor of working with Dina. She is a super talented leader, motivator, and communications expert. Through the Mindset Consulting team, we were able to work on many different projects leading to our main conference. I’m truly impressed by their expertise, perfect understanding of the American market, and client-oriented approach.

Valeria Kogan
Co-founder and CEO of agritech startup Fermata

In Europe, we are working with Dina and her team on two startups. Dina helped us to establish both the company’s reputation and my personal brand.

Our active presence in the media helps us to find clients and investors and grow the business in different countries.

Ruslan Fazlyev
Founder of Ecwid (acq. by Lightspeed)

It’s very easy to work with Dina, and she’s more than competent in working with Western media. We work with her on Ecwid’s media relations and we are happy with the results.

Ramon Torné
Corporate & Financial Communication Manager at LLYC

Dina is a competent, diligent, creative and results-oriented professional. I have had the pleasure of working with her on various international projects related to corporate communication consultancy for various companies and her performance has always been excellent.

Alex Karfidov
Co-founder of Karfidov Lab

We’ve been working with Dina for close to four years and over this time we’ve implemented more than 25 PR projects. Our activities have been covered by such media as Forbes, Inc., RBC, and others.

We were included in the Forbes’s ranking ‘30 Under 30’ and this too had a positive impact on our business.

Valery Ilinsky
Co-founder and CEO of genetic company Genotek

Dina has worked with Genotek from 2016 to 2020. Over this period, all of the federal and many regional media wrote about the company, we started several special projects and received excellent results.

What I Have Helped

I have had the pleasure of working with Fortune 500-listed companies, world-changing startups, and venture capital firms. I have a background in international strategic communications for a variety of tech and Life Science projects.

A Glimpse of My Portfolio

Food Rocket
Grocery delivery service

Chicago-based on-demand grocery startup that delivers fresh groceries from its own dark stores in 15 minutes or less 

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International Natural Sciences Tournament
Science competition

INST is an active and challenging competition in applied Chemistry, Physics, Pharmaceuticals, Biology and Engineering for young bright scientists

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Grocery delivery service
Jiffy is a London-based ultrafast grocery delivery service that offers a wide selection of fresh produce, meals and household essentials sourced from popular brands and local suppliers at retail prices
Learn more
Genotek is a medical high-tech company that specializes in genetic research, one of the leaders of the Russian commercial genomics market
Learn more
Gero is a Singapore-based data-driven biotech company that uses an AI platform to develop new drugs to combat aging and other complex diseases 
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Target Global
VC fund
Target Global is a Berlin-based leading technology investment platform that works across a range of industries, from Fintech and Consumer Services to Healthcare and Lifestyle
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OneSoil is a Swiss-Belarussian company that develops apps for remote field and crop monitoring based on satellite images and machine-learning technologies

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E-commerce corporation
eBay is a California-based multinational e-commerce corporation that facilitates consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales through its website
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