Dina Mostovaya was born in Western Siberia, but today she lives in Spain and works as a global communications consultant for clients in the US, UK, Europe and Latin America. Based on her personal experience, she knows that the ability to interact effectively with people from diverse backgrounds is essential to a PR pro’s success. 

Dina insists that today’s blurring of borders between countries calls for better cultural intelligence. And while digitalization opens up international opportunities, it also introduces difficulties when cross-cultural communication is needed.

Dina offers six tips that can help us to start improving our cultural sensitivity skills right away. This starts with developing a curious mindset, and trying to learn as much as possible about the cultures we’re interacting with; everything else is meaningless without our personal interest. 

She also believes it’s important to practice active listening, while avoiding stereotypes and making assumptions. Expanding one’s knowledge base is crucial as well – Dina’s personal recommendation here is Erin Meyer’s book “The Culture Map.”

In addition, Dina advises traveling as often as possible, talking with local people, and paying attention to cultural nuances in international movies. Finally, working with a coach or mentor can also help to improve our emotional intelligence quickly. 

The full op-ed can be found here.