GWPR Empower is a unique cross-border mentoring and learning program developed by Global Women in PR, an international membership organization that covers the UK, USA, Europe, Canada, the Middle East, South America, and North Africa. Founded to connect, champion, and support women in senior PR and Communication roles, it is driven by the desire to change the landscape for women working in the industry.

The GWPR Empower program provides support to the next generation of PR women to inspire them to fulfill their potential. While many GWPR national groups already offer mentorship programs for PR women in their countries, there hasn’t been a global mentoring program. The GWPR Empower program aims to create a talent pool of sought-after and empowered cross-border women leaders.

The monthly mentoring sessions will be virtual and involve women from 20 countries around the world from New York to Singapore, London to Moscow, and Mexico to Mumbai. During the Empower program, participants will have the opportunity to attend regular masterclasses by industry experts on topics such as leadership skills, managing a business, and career advancement. Additionally, GWPR will provide mentees with opportunities to participate in panel discussions, a thought leadership project, and international networking. Active engagement in social media and regular virtual meetings will help build a sense of community for the participants.

The current program will run throughout 2022, and some of the most influential women in the field of communication have committed to be mentors. The full list can be found here.