Mindset Consulting seamlessly brings together Dina’s breadth of experience and expertise from working with a host of great companies, startups, and brands. The Mindset Consulting team includes high-level professionals, established public relations experts, and strategic communications specialists from New York, Paris, London, and other global cities. The team works cross-border from anywhere in the world to deliver the best possible results to clients in the United States, Great Britain, and across Europe.

We create and implement communications strategies that drive the development of tech and science-based companies, including those from the healthtech, fintech, agtech, edtech, and foodtech industries, helping them to achieve their business goals effectively. Our team uses expertise accumulated across more than one hundred projects, boosting the flow of incoming requests by developing our founders’ networks and enhancing publicity. 

Our mission is to provide a helicopter view and help entrepreneurs be great, courageous, and creative in their business pursuits. Taking an objective and independent approach, we’re invested in our work professionally and personally to achieve the excellent results our clients deserve,” Dina Mostovaya emphasizes. 

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