During this interview, Dina shares what brought her to this profession, her shift into independent consulting, and the launch of her own consulting firm. “Mindset Consulting seamlessly combines all I have learned and loved about working in agencies,” she highlights. 

Dina shares the interesting and often unexpected story of what happened since she launched her company: a true testament to her teamwork and strong results. She also talks about the most exciting Mindset Consulting projects she is working on now – including grocery delivery service Food Rocket, international student scholarships and grants platform StudyFree, and London-based business aviation firm Mirai Flights. 

Being a successful leader, Dina explores the character traits that have been the most instrumental to her success, and discusses how to develop great networking skills. She believes networking is one of the five things that everybody must master to grow their business and create a highly successful PR career. And she highlights the importance of an analytical mindset, lifelong learning, a problem-solving approach, and personal brand creation.

Dina also explores the importance of traditional communications education for anyone looking to enter the PR field. While PR is a craft, she believes degree-level study provides the foundation of theoretical knowledge that will empower a PR to dive deeper in their work with clients.

The full interview can be found here.