When asked about the three main things a startup should do to turn an idea into a business, Dina explains how important it is that founders recognize where their skills and expertise lie, so that they can apply them to the most appropriate project. She also states the importance of fully grasping the market problem they are trying to solve, and of knowing what makes their approach competitively different from everyone else in the field. With this information, Dina believes founders can create a global and structured vision for the company. 

Dina also discusses the timeline for startup growth, noting that a project’s development depends directly on the founders’ experience. For people working on their first startup, making concrete plans can be quite difficult. The company’s growth may turn out to be fast and unpredictable, and the founder has to be ready for it.

Given her experience as a communications professional, Dina also talks about what role PR and marketing play in startup growth and gives some recommendations on preparing a startup for an exit. 

When asked about success stories that could serve as inspiration for those who want to grow and become more visible, Dina names the Spanish startup KOA Health and Mindset Consulting client, Berlin-based startup We Do Solar. 

The full interview in Spanish can be found here.