While PR is typically thought of as something that’s only needed by showbusiness representatives, musicians, and film stars, the truth is very different indeed. The high-tech age means companies must compete hard for clients, partners, and investments – and that means more and better PR activities are needed.

As a global public relations expert, Dina Mostovaya spoke to the editors of Tempting.Pro to discuss the nuances of PR in the tech industry.

During this interview, Dina shares her expertise and speaks about her experience in the field of communications for tech and science-based startups and enterprises. She explains what PR is and why businesses need it, and clarifies the difference between PR and advertising. 

Dina discusses examples of when tech companies should focus their attention on  media relations, and gives insight into specific scenarios she has personally experienced. She also shares her opinion about negative campaigning.

In addition, the interviewer asked Dina about the KPIs and tools she usually uses. As the conversation concludes, they discuss differences in PR across various markets, along with current industry trends.

The full interview can be found here.