Founders of startups can feel like they’re spinning too many plates at once, having to learn about many aspects of business previously unfamiliar to them.

The field of PR is one such aspect, and many without experience are unsure what to do, what strategies are the best fit for their industry, or how much they should be paying for the services of PR experts.

To help tackle these challenges, the TechRound team asked for advice from some 50 high-level experts in communication. 

Dina Mostovaya explained whether PR could support a startup’s fundraising efforts: “When it comes to startups, PR is all about relationships that directly affect funding. But it is important to remember that if you want to raise investments in a year, you need to start doing PR today,” she highlighted. Dina explored five points to consider before attracting investments: the company’s positioning, its clear pitch, the PR policy for the team, the investor hub, and network building.

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