As a global communications consultant and founder of Mindset Consulting, Dina Mostovaya discusses three ways in which she has shifted her approach to work due to the pandemic – focusing on her career, her approach to PR, and her personal life. 

In her career, the pandemic pushed Dina to shift her focus towards building deeper client relationships, instead of having five or six short meetings every day. With her clients, business partners, and team, she now spends more time communicating informally and using a coaching method, instead of consultancy alone. 

Dina also learned that diversification in all areas, including PR, is crucial. To stay fresh and relevant, it is important to widen one’s ​​expertise and stay one step ahead for the benefit of clients.

Finally, regarding her personal life, Dina has paid special attention to her own wellbeing, learning just how important it is to block off rest time in her schedule, no matter how much work she has to do.  

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